We are group of design thinkers, experience designers, and researchers who are passionate about making things better for our customers

Who we are

Every great idea needs a catalyst to realise them, as an Idea in motion is more important than an idea that exists only as a theory. At Innoitus it is our mission to get close to the idea, understand how it will shape the course of history, make sense of the noise & enact as a catalyst to see an idea meets its mission.

Learn about our “You”, Start-up Culture

At our core, we are all Entrepreneurs, right from the start of human-history we were self-employed, finding food, feeding ourselves, We have it within ourselves to build the future we want. At Innoitus we know that you can not only invent yourselves but also invent the future you want.

Our Values

Client as Partners

The best outcomes are created when everyone operates as a single unit with common goals. Our success is measured as a team, so we intentionally sit on the same side of the table as our clients.


Rather than trying to solve problems using the same thinking we used to create them, we aspire to solve problems no one else sees.

Listen Thrice, Think Twice, Speak Once

We recognise one of the most sincere forms of respect is to listen to what the another has to say At Innoitus we aspire to a culture of Listen thrice, Think twice and Speak once.

Make Smart, Smarter

A lot of times, we tackle the hard and challenging projects that others won’t dare to touch. We find joy in solving some of the biggest and baddest problems for our clients.


We recognise, Authenticity requires Vulnerability, Integrity & Transparency.

Keep it Simple

To keep it Simple is harder than complex we believe if something cannot be explained simply enough, then it has not been understood well enough.

Our Values ensure we make a deliberate choice to focus on what is important. When values are shared, they build internal cohesion in a group. Our values are a shared understanding of what we stand for as an organisation they describe the things we are not willing to compromise on in any situation with our customers, our stakeholders, the community and each other.

Customer Success

Challenging convention. Pushing the boundaries of technology.

We are a reflection of our customer success.

Our team members are multi-disciplinary professionals

In addition to our core disciplines, our team members are multi-disciplinary professionals.

Strategy & Engagement

Project steering & ownership, account insights, customer service, and overall client / program management.

Research & Planning

Research, planning, requirements development, persona development, analytics & insights, focus groups, go-to-market strategies and user testing.


System architecture, product development, service integrations and technical engineering.

Product Delivery

Management of teams, resources, timelines, scope, budgets, product testing and product backlogs.


User Experience (UX) design, creative concepts, iterative prototyping and aesthetic direction.

Embedded Resources

We also offer custom solutions for our clients by deploying embedded resources. These are agile Strategists, Creative and Engineers who act as augmented team members for your objectives or program. We telecommute, join stand-ups, work on-site and collaborate with you just like we are one of your own.

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