Cultivate your strategic priorities based on company’s business objectives to ensure long-term existence and development.

HR Strategy and Development

We understand the value of a powerful HR strategy in leading your workforce to achieve sustainable success and growth.

In the business world it has long been said that people are any organisation’s greatest asset. People, and HR, steer the company in a very specific direction, and this is why the HR Strategy is so important. The Strategy will indicate where the organisation is headed, and HR needs to drive this from a people and resourcing perspective.

The HR Strategy we develop will set the direction for your organisation to address current and future market trends and challenges through a realistic and sustainable strategy with clear actions and deliverables. This is achieved by aligning the company strategy with a customised HR strategy to ensure you see a return on your talent.

Innoitus human capital strategy services

Underpinning the success of any ‘people based’ strategy is a human resources operation that establishes high performing, business-as-usual practices. This may be in house or outsourced, depending on the size of your business.

  • Policy and procedure development
  • Employee value proposition strategies
  • Interim HR resourcing
  • Organisational restructuring
  • Change Management Services
  • Engagement surveys and analytics
  • Employee engagement and implementation plans
  • Employee value proposition development
  • Performance management strategy

Human Capital Maturity diagnosis

For the organization’s strategy and goals to be achieved, its vision and values need to be actualized into desirable behaviours readily adopted by all the organization’s staff.

Innoitus Human capital advisors will assist you shape the strategic pillars of your Human Resources ensuring complete alignment to your corporate goals and priorities. We will also plot your organizational model, defining the appropriate staff roles and competences needed.

Our consultants propose the number of employees and the skills required to implement the model in an effective and economical manner. They also set tracking indicators to monitor employee performance and progress, and to alert management in a timely and reliable way.

We provide support for those that the cooperation is terminated and assist them to find their next career opportunity, ensuring high productivity levels for those staying and strengthening your organization’s social profile.

Innoitus human capital advisory services

HR expertise to provide strategic insights and on the ground capability to improve the performance and reliability of your HR function.

  • HR Metrics
  • HR function (structuring and effectiveness)
  • HR insights (reporting and measurement)
  • Capability needs analysis and planning
  • Capability framework development
  • Workforce capability, capacity and affordability assessments
  • Occupation or job family capability alignment

Why Innoitus?

We truly believe that people do business with people, not organisations. So our business is about helping people, whether you’re running a business, heading up a major corporation or need advice just for you; our people are committed to delivering what you need.

Our aim is to develop long lasting relationships. Whether you’re an individual, a small family-owned business, a large complex corporation, or a government department, the principles we apply are the same. We seek to understand your needs, deliver exceptional service and provide the results you expect. We do this through our:

  • Global network of offices.
  • Local knowledge backed by regional and national experience.
  • Expertise across industries and specialisations.
  • Quality staff and hands-on partners.
  • Relationship driven culture.
  • Responsiveness and focus on client service.
  • Proven track record.