Attracting quality applications is only the start of your recruitment challenge!

Screening & Assessments

For decades, the majority of firms have relied heavily on the basic trio of resume screening, interviewing, and reference checks to choose the best candidates.

Many think candidate selection and assessment is not worth a detailed examination, but a weak assessment or interview process can be the primary cause for not hiring top candidates

At Innoitus we not only help you to shortlist, select and secure your ideal candidates as easily, efficiently and effectively as possible. But our rigorous, professional selection process, delivered by experienced panel of experts, also saves you time and ensures that you make the right hire.

Innoitus Screening & Assessment services

At Innoitus we help you to shortlist, select and secure your ideal candidates easily, efficiently and effectively. Our rigorous, professional selection process, delivered by experienced panellist, saves you time and ensures that you make the right hire.

We can deliver a full end-to-end selection process or specific services which can provide dramatic gains in quality-of-hire and reduced time-to-hire

  • Panellist selection and Shortlisting:
    Have your candidates show you how they are the best fit, not just tell you.  Our internal panellists selected by you can facilitate group assessments so you can observe candidates to make the most cost effective hire. Group Assessment Sessions delivered by us increase your efficiency and inform your decision-making.
  • Video Interviews:
    Revolutionary two-way video interviews direct to your inbox allow you to see your candidates before you meet them. See your candidates in action to ensure they fit.
  • Skills Testing:
    Ensure a robust recruitment process by incorporating candidate skills testing. Our technology will improve your recruitment results and lead to a more informed hiring decision.
  • Behavioural Testing:
    Best-in-class behavioural assessments and skills testing add invaluable rigour to your selection process. Understand your candidate’s temperament and approach before you hire them.
  • Reference Checks:
    Our Shortlisting & Selection Specialists are practices in effective reference checking so you get the most out of the process without having it consume your time.
  • Background Checks:
    Rigorous, professional background and reference checks are taken off your hands, delivering you the insight and assurance without the hassle. Our flexible, transparent service options mean that you can pick and choose where you’d like us to help, and only pay for the specific services you need.

You’re busy, and sometimes lack the technical knowledge to assess candidates. Sounds familiar?


Why Innoitus?

We truly believe that people do business with people, not organisations. So our business is about helping people, whether you’re running a business, heading up a major corporation or need advice just for you; our people are committed to delivering what you need.

Our aim is to develop long lasting relationships. Whether you’re an individual, a small family-owned business, a large complex corporation, or a government department, the principles we apply are the same. We seek to understand your needs, deliver exceptional service and provide the results you expect. We do this through our:

  • Global network of offices
  • Local knowledge backed by regional and national experience
  • Expertise across industries and specialisations
  • Quality staff and hands-on partners
  • Relationship driven culture
  • Responsiveness and focus on client service
  • Proven track record.