The Days of “Fashion IT” are over, Customers only want to pay for Value, not technology. Value is the key metric by which technology will rise or fall.

Cloud is no longer about cheap servers or storage — it’s now the best way to turn great ideas into amazing software, faster. Cloud computing will accelerate enterprise transformation everywhere as it becomes a must-have business technology.

Network and Infrastructure Services

If your business is considering or undergoing a cloud transformation, then at Innoitus we engage from a single network consultant to a diverse cross-functional team to review your current network environment (with special attention to legacy assets), then develop strategies and architectures to build complex network solutions. Our experienced consultants, architects, project and program managers use a holistic approach that not only spans across your technology, but also your people and processes.





  • Network Design

    Scalable LAN & WAN design to manage your growth and high complexity

  • Procurement

    Management of hardware sourcing, staging, logistics, break fix, license management and OEM relationships

  • Deployment

    Handle turnkey solutions that can be ready ‘out of the box’ when it arrives to an end user

  • End User support

    Visibility of end user requirements and deliver a brilliant user experience 24/7 x 365 days

  • Services as you grow

    Customized solutions, management and a dedicated service delivery team

  • Network Design

    Will assist you to build, improve, simplify and optimise your network environment. We can provide informed advice on technology and innovation aligned with your desired future state. This helps to enhance the way your people work, collaborate and engage with your customers, while improving user experience.

  • Procurement

    We can identify and deploy innovative capabilities and integrate them with your networks. Our expertise and partnership with leading OEM providers can also help simplify management and control risk, while lowering costs and ensuring optimal return on network investment.

  • Deployment

    We are able to analyse the impact of applications on network workloads and provide guidance to optimise your existing systems in order to better support critical applications. We’ll manage change, ensure security and regulatory compliance are built in, and help you gain ongoing improvement of your network environment.

  • Support & Service as you Grow

    In addition, our Program and Project Management team can project and manage solutions so they’re deployed and tested within agreed cost and time constraints and also ensure that they are aligned with industry standards.

Get the certainty you need to drive change — from the boardroom to deployment

Cloud Services

Innoitus’ Cloud Consulting practice is focused on enabling organisations to concentrate on their core business by managing the complexity of the IT Operation. From a smaller business that wants to use the cloud to run its accounting department, to the large corporation that needs a number of clouds to power its sales force, we exploit our team’s extensive experience to apply best practice and innovative solutions tailored for the size of your business to improve efficiency, productivity, reliability and availability.

  • Design

    Help you simplify the architecture of large and complex multi-site environment
  • Transition

    Integrate, highlight issues and demonstrate the best approach to minimise risk.
  • Operate

    Achieve your desired business objectives, and work to deliver projects on time, on budget and within scope
  • Improve

    Evaluate the health of your existing environment and provide reports that include deployment risks, network readiness, migration plan and cost estimates.
  • Strategy

    Drive your business forward in the most efficient and cost-effective way

Delivering end-to-end value

For organisations who don’t have the capability internally or don’t want to manage their private or public cloud themselves,
Innoitus’s fully managed service provides peace of mind and reduced risk when running applications directly in the cloud. Our team also manages the security and networking needs of businesses of all sizes, making us the singular source for all your Information technology needs.

  • Cloud Readiness Assessment
  • Cloud Solution Definition and Design
  • Cloud Solution Build, Implementation & Deployment
  • Cloud Testing and Validation
  • Cloud Operations and Maintenance

IoT and Smart Communities

This is one of a series of specialised services that we have created to help you maximise your smart utility networks strategies and help you achieve greater operational efficiencies (eg, by integrating new intelligent sensors/devices to your existing networks) and further cost savings.

api gateway



Smart Cameras

Smart Bins


  • Smart Devices and real-time data capture
  • Integrated Monitoring and Control
  • Demand and fault prediction
  • End to End managed Solutions
  • Smart Devices and real-time data capture
  • Integrated Monitoring and Control
  • Demand and fault prediction
  • End to End managed Solutions

Our Solutions Include

  • GPS and RF Tags

    This can help you monitor not just computer equipment but also meters, pipes, machinery and vehicles from a centralised control centre. Identify and remedy potential problems with predictive maintenance, reducing the risk of outages while improving safety.
  • Smart Equipments

    From Parking Meters to Water Meters, Smart Lights to Smart Bins, we can enable remote monitoring of assets to identify potential faults in advance. This makes it possible to carry out proactive maintenance, and helps streamline maintenance schedules by reducing the need to check equipment by hand.
  • WiFi Cameras & Biometrics

    IP surveillance lets you monitor all your facilities centrally, improving security at plants, substations and reservoirs. By keeping an eye on equipment and safety practices, you can minimise costly supply interruptions, accidents and contamination risks.
  • Managed Services

    Together with our OEM partners, we can help you deploy and maintain the equipments but also analyse the data stored in the cloud, including unstructured or big data. Customer usage patterns that offer insights into the behaviour of households, enabling you to target them with relevant offers – as well as revealing population trends that could lead to improved services or resultant competitive advantage.

Deliver more sustainable intelligence through insight – be technologically empowered

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