A collaborative and flexible solution to monitor and manage your corporate network, IT infrastructure and applications.

Don't be pushed by your problems, be led by your business goals.

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We value our customers and understand that not all customer requirements are the same. Many of our customers have complex environments and look up to us to understand that complexity. At Innoitus through our Service Delivery framework we ensure the customer’s environment is serviced effectively and efficiently. Over the last 12 years we have evolved along with the all-time evolving customer service standards.













Connecting The Dots

The art of Creative problem solving

Connecting The Dots

The art of Creative problem solving

Connecting The Dots

The art of Creative problem solving

Our culture emphasizes critical thinking to the near exclusion of creative thinking.
We have the end-to-end expertise to connect every dot. Reimagine every process and rethink your ways of working.

Why Innoitus

Because we think with design. Solve problems with data. Dream in digital. Obsess over operations and sweat the small stuff.

Operations Analytics

Harnessing data to fine-tune operations and make smarter decisions

    • Raw Logs
    • Machine Data
    • Enterprise Data


    • Service History
    • Product Performance
    • Operational Metrics


    • Perform Root cause analysis on data to easily identify and preempt system failures
    • Overcome complexities and streamline product improvements & innovation
    • Help operations proactively minimise the problems & bottlenecks



Reassure decision makers that they are acting with full knowledge & understanding of all available data

Perceptive Automation

Deliver value using perceptive automation and artificial intelligence.

Better quality of service for your customers, lower running costs and greater productivity

Service Delivery Methodology


  • Strategy & Planning

    Align Technology with business outcomes Business Case and ROI Prioritisation Facilitating business growth

  • Design & Develop

    Analyse your network and work with your business to understand requirements and make recommendations for Scalable and Secure Controls

  • Train & Enable

    Training customers on technology usability Use feedback to enable issues to be detected quickly and service desk to react promptly, to maximize availability

  • Operate & Manage

    Remote and Customer premise support by skilled resources providing Essential, reliable support and services Mobilising quality resources Provide Business continuity

  • Review & Improve

    Monitor Performance metrics from the users perspective and proactively resolve issues Analyse incident and network data to identify ways to reduce incidents and improve end-user experience

Manage risk, issue and dependency resulting in more predictable outcomes.

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