According to Japanese culture, everyone has an ikigai. ikigai can also be translated as ‘a reason to get up in the morning’. The word ikigai is usually used to indicate the source of value in one’s life or the things that make one’s life worthwhile. However, finding it requires a deep and often lengthy self-exploration..

What is our ikigai?

Our ikigai is our Philosophy which ties into our mission of being a catalyst and to making it matter.

Whilst the recruitment, administrative & compliance functions of Human Resource is the business as usual part for us, Our ikigai is to be able to bridge the distance between the seeking and the seeker. To be able to connect your dreams and aspirations and your path for yourself with those who are seeking your services.

Upload your Resume

Our online form makes it easy to send us your resume or upload the details of your LinkedIn profile. We’ll then contact you if your qualifications and experience meet the requirements of an open position or match what hiring managers typically look for in Australian job seekers.

Getting to Know You

Knowing you, where you want to go, your aspirations and goals all mean it is a part of your “ikigai” We are not about finding you a job, we believe finding you a career is the right step towards your well-being and life meaning.

While we are getting to know you

We know that your top priority is your next career opportunity, and we are focused on matching you with the right job opportunities. We are also here to help you in other ways, such as improving your resume, preparing you for interviews and sharing local hiring trends to improve your Australian job search readiness.

Career Advice

Whist we know you are the master of your craft and have a sense of where you are going, being a SI ourselves, helping solve customers problems of tomorrow, we have a sense of how the world is evolving, how customer’s needs are changing, how the ICT world evolves and we will be happy to have a chat about how you can maximise your skills to draw most out of it.

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Innoitus specialist consultants have extensive experience in placing highly-skilled contractors in the areas of Telecommunications, Infrastructure and Cloud, Software/Application Development, Project Services, Digital, Security, IT Sales and Marketing, Business Intelligence/Analysis and Emerging Tech. Our consultants build and track quality relationships with a skilled talent-pool that produces tangible outcomes for our client’s projects. We also pride ourselves on our meaningful and rewarding care service for our contractors, which results in a loyal and trusted contractor base. They love working with us and our clients feel the benefits.

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